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I am interested and able to teach courses related to the following topics:

  • Organisational Behaviour

  • Decision-Making

  • Creativity

  • Innovation Management

  • Research Methods

I use a variety of teaching methods to enhance experiential learning in class, such as case studies, negotiations and debate.

Managerial Decision-Making (Undergraduates)

2022: Guest Lecturer and Seminar Instructor Lecture: Algorithmic Decision-Making: When Humans and Machines Worked Together 2021: Seminar Instructor

2020: Seminar Instructor (Virtual seminars due to COVID)

Innovation Management (Undergraduates)

2022: Seminar Instructor

Business Research Dissertation (Undergraduates)

2022: Primary Supervisor to 4 undergraduate students

Behavioural Science (Undergraduates)

2022: Teaching Assistant

2021: Teaching Assistant

Business Research (Masters)

2021: Dissertation Marker

2020: Dissertation Marker

Business Research Methods (Undergraduates)

2022: Teaching Assistant

Delivering Results Through People (Undergraduates)

2022: Teaching Assistant

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